Bombay Superstar by Samir Bhamra.

Bombay Superstar was based during the 1970s Bollywood film Industry era. Laila (Nisha Aaliya) moves to Bombay to seek an acting career after the death of her Amma (Mother) and to locate her Appa (father). The famous married Bollywood director DD (Chirag Rao). However, once confronted he denies her existence and turns away. All great ingredients for a passion-driven musical.

Sikandar (Rav Moore) is the ultimate Bollywood leading man. Full of charm, enchanting dancers and smooth tones. Women swoon over him and his film studio director DD goes out of his way to protect him. However, although he is married the up-and-coming new starlet Laila turns his head and the pair unsurprisingly become entwined in an ill-fated love affair.

With a vast array of brightly coloured, sparkly Bollywood-style costumes the cast wears some impressive outfits. The gold trousers worn by the cast in the final scene are striking and left a lasting impression. A couple of the jackets worn by two of the main male characters have been intricately designed and looked striking.

The screen at the back of the stage towards the top depicted various household roof scenes allowing the audience to follow whose home you are in or which Film studio the cast is working for. It also plays hosts subtitle translations from Indian to English. Although at times they didn’t necessarily follow the onstage dialogue.

Choreographers Rohan Shah and Shruti Shah have recreated all the glitz and glamour connected with the Bollywood film magic and brought it onto the stage to delight audiences while they have been touring the UK.

Bombay Superstar marks the 50th show bought to the stage by Phizzical Theatre Company. Creators of South Asian stories and musicals. They aim to create strong adventurous storylines to empower the next generation of theatre producers.

For more information on this production and future work at the Mast in Southampton please use the link below.

Three and a half Stars


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