Triggered by Emma Burnell.

Hollingsdene Labour Party meeting opens up proceedings for the evening’s performance. June Wright (Carrie Cohen) the mature stalwart long-term Labour member chairs the meeting with a strong authoritative presence, leading the meeting fairly to ensure all the comrades who have gathered there behave in an orderly fashion allowing everyone a chance to speak.

Local MP Sally Finch (Antonia Beamish) actively supports local University Lecturer Jim Marr (Michael Palmer) on the picket line as he protests against the further proposed cuts in Education. However, when he meets Sofia Peters (Catherine Adams) she isn’t as quick to support as nobody was there to represent her Mother whose cleaning job in the University was unfavorably changed without consultation and came out against these changes to protect her interests and future.

Fragility in the political landscape comes to the forefront when MP Sally Finch votes against the whip in an education bill within a parliamentary vote. Her reasons are never fully explained or questioned in depth. However, it spells disaster and the future of her holding onto the seat is locally Triggered and put to the constituents vote.

Emna Burnell’s long standing political background and insider understanding run throughout Triggered. Many inside jokes are often apparent and appreciated by audience members in the “know”, yet admittedly many of these went over my head.

Sharing the plate of biscuits towards the beginning of the play explained how you could identify a person’s political preference by the biscuit they chose. I chose a custard cream this apparently represents the safe choice that rarely goes creates waves and supports Tony Blair! Not sure anyone who knows me would agree. Yet, If the garibaldi is your preference it’s the one that nobody admits to liking, apparently like a Tory supporter. Make of that what you will. I will need to choose my biscuits with more consideration from now on.

An interesting plot that although based on the Labour party could easily transcend across other parties. My knowledge of behind-the-scenes politics is limited and I left feeling I had a small insight into the grassroots side of how the constituency hub might have been managed.

For more information on Triggered and future productions please visit the link below. Although I do believe that this run of Triggered has already sold out.

Four Stars

White Bear Theatre | Greater London


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