Witches of Oz written by Shay Shay.

Witches of Oz The Vault’s latest immersive product is a blend of The Wizard of Oz and the Witches from Wicked. There are two options in place to enjoy the show. The three-course dinner is served at intervals throughout the performance or shows only, with both groups sharing the same seating area. The main course is delicious chicken thighs with a selection of vegetables and two varieties of cooked beetroot which I devoured.

The evening begins as the subjects of Emerald City (audience) are sent down the destructed yellow brick road signs to the first cabaret room. Relax with a carefully constructed themed cocktail, wine or a range of soft drinks. Take your seat as the cast introduces themselves and warms up the audience for an entertaining trip to the World of Oz.

Travel on twenty years as we return to the land of Oz under Waterloo in The Vaults. Changes have taken place in the land of Oz and Dorothy is no longer a sweet and innocent little girl. Older and wiser the group are bought back together and set on a new journey in the Emerald City.

The Lion (Milla Sutton) certainly has found the courage she was searching for in donning the figure-hugging dominatrix PVC outfit. Complete with a glorious large mane and the tail-designed finishing touch of a whip, leaving her ready to jump into action if and when required throughout the evening. Fabulous power dressing in the Land of Oz.

Director and writer Shay Shay yet again work his magic. After the recent sell-out successful production of Mulan Rouge in the same venue in the depths of the Vaults. Witches of Oz is an equal musical treat adding a Shay Shay twist to the famous Oz characters. I look forward to seeing what Shay Shay creates next.

For more information on this production please visit the link below.

Four Stars


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