World Wide Web by Linda Morse.

For many years certain men, especially those in a position of power were allowed to get away with the most horrendous sexual misconduct against women. Victims of these abusers were sometimes known for colluding with them out of fear their careers would be finished and exposed. Meaning that the cycle escalated the crimes further enabling the abuser to continue.

World Wide Web by Linda Morse uses events similar to these in her play. Jess (Holly Cassidy) is a promising newly discovered working-class artist about to be launched next to her icon and now rival Minnie Goldchild (Tori Deffee). Jess believes Annette Seymour (Sarah-Jayne Wareham) owns the gallery and upon learning the truth everything begins to fall apart.

While awaiting trial gallery owner Sir Humphrey Neville-Wright (Neil Gwynne) known to his friends as “Humpty” is using his status and gallery contacts to launch a young new female artist with strong working-class roots. Could Jess become his next victim?

As the twisted story behind his sleazy activities is unravelled at quite a pace by Jess the level of disgust and uncomfortable watching rise within the auditorium. Especially as Humpty’s behaviour hasn’t changed even in the light of his upcoming case.

The plot is cleverly crafted and written with so many uncomfortable truths about how and why these men were allowed and enabled to continue on their paths destroying women’s lives in their wake. Be prepared for a challenging watch.

With a few edits to the script, this play can be held as an important part of documenting the disgusting practices that have taken place for many years to help launch very talented people, through unscrupulous manipulative alpha males. Using Jess’s position and talents as a powerful example that fame and money don’t need to be obtained through “sexual favours”.

For more information on this production please visit the link below.

Four Stars.

Linda Morse


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