Spit me Out by Slap n Tickle Theatre Company.

The two against one ratio of male to female actors deliver a hard-hitting story where Sophie recalls her first sexual encounter at school with the school’s “catch” Jamie McDonald, who transpires to be a sleazy sexual predator with no regard for anyone else’s feelings or boundaries.

Although the title appears to have a sexual connotation. The reference is made to the toxic male’s behaviour against the female. You can behave however you like and then simply “Spit her out” without any thoughts or consideration about the damage their behaviour has caused.

The hard-hitting musical production highlights that society still has a long way to go in changing the attitudes and ideas of what is acceptable and not acceptable behaviour towards women. There is no doubt that any form of forced sexual behaviour is a crime.

Toxic masculinity dominates the performance. Even when Sophie begins to talk about her experiences and reactions to her current boyfriend’s sexual preferences which make her uncomfortable. Her two male counterparts sing or speak over her, drowning out any opinions that she has or manipulating the events to fit their narrative over hers.

With sexual assault cases on the rise and prosecution levels extremely low. A huge amount of work is left to be done in our justice system to bring perpetrators to court and charged for these heinous crimes they subject their victims to.

Prepare to be challenged and feel uncomfortable throughout the performance. After all these subjects are not meant to be comfortable viewing.

For more information on this production please visit the link below. If you have been affected by any of the topics mentioned above there are a couple of website links you can access.

Four Stars



Rape and sexual assault



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