Fear of Heights by Kevin Flynn.

American comedian Kevin Flynn’s show Fear of Heights is centred around the iconic picture of the construction workers on the steel girder back in the 1930s. Flynn’s grandfather can be seen sitting on the end at the right-hand side. A photograph that has been viewed by millions bought to life on stage.

The performance describes in detail the lives his Grandfather and Father led on the construction sites. There is so much love and admiration reflected through the show, it’s all based on the morals and principles that both of these men lived and died by, one of which was always doing the best they could for their families.

Part of which Flynn reflected upon his own decisions when he made career choices for the sake of his relationship with his daughter after his marriage break up. Declining very high-paid television jobs in other states to stay close to her. He wasn’t risking his life in the same way his role models had but he did lose part of his promising career for the sake of his principles.

Explaining how his career in Comedy and Hollywood took off. Plus an outstanding audition performance for a pringles advert was a fascinating insight into the steps many famous people take in those career paths.

What does it mean to be a man? Flynn’s honest reflection concludes that it is to be the best man you can be for your family and your conscience. It’s okay to admit that you are scared of heights.

For more information please use the link below.

Four Stars.




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