Retribution Day from Blueberry Goose Theatre.

Retribution Day offers an insight into the mind of a victim of abuse. How the acts against them penetrate the subconscious and whittle away their self-confidence and self-esteem. To the point where all they have left is a hopeless sense of revenge and retribution.

Malcolm Jefferies and Julie Martis present a superb two-hander performance. Abuse isn’t gender-specific and shouldn’t be judged as such. In a world where many instinctively believe abuse is against the woman.

The concept of Retribution Day is a brilliantly scripted portrayal of a non-gender specific abuse victim through a two-handed performance. The storyline explains how he/she on the eve of their wedding is plotting revenge for the horrendous abuse they have endured.

Two powerful performances that aren’t looking for sympathy or any form of reconciliation. They are simply portraying that abuse is wrong no matter who the perpetrator or victim is and should be spoken out to help raise awareness and understanding for things to change.

In just over thirty minutes the audience is swept along through the chaos and discord bought on by the effects of slow-burning domestic abuse. The catalyst eventually breaks the victim until they can no longer tolerate what is happening to them.

For more information on Retribution Day and Blueberry Goose Theatre please use the links below.

Four Stars



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