Practice 99 by Emilia Morgan.

Practice 99 is a new comedy by Emilia Morgan. When the brass section begin meeting up for the warmup practice before their forthcoming album recording takes place. Things are not particularly amicable or running smoothly.

The group are so busy embroiling in petty arguments from an ongoing feud. One member of the orchestra is missing and amid the chaos tmthey hardly notice a box containing a trumpet appear in the corner of the orchestra pit. Until unexplainable things start to happen.

A haunted musicians’ space due to is quite a unique idea for a short theatre performance. The mysterious arrival of the instrument box containing the trumpet certainly worked very well. Each of the characters was cast well and they all came across as a genuine quarrelling orchestra.

Is the trumpet haunted or not? That’s for the audience to decide to watch as the events unfold. The short piece doesn’t expand completely and has great potential to be expanded if the production team decided to.

A smaller black box Theatre venue would add another depth of atmosphere to the spooky plot line. Creating a few more shadows. Perhaps this woukd be a good play to think about staging around Halloween.

For more information on Practice 99 please use the links below.

Three Stars


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