Menopause Party by Debbie Baisden.

Landlady Dolly Slatemen alter ego of real-life Essex landlady Debbie Baisden. Be prepared to be edutained as menopause is brought to the stage by songs, comedy characters and some arty expressions by Dolly. Soon to be seen in an art gallery near you.

Approaching perimenopause and then menopause certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. The symptoms and severity are different for every woman ranging from mild to severe. There isn’t a one size fits all response to helping them through this period although we hear a lot about HRT please do your research as other options are available, which are mentioned in the performance.

Menopause Party is lighthearted and jovial, with a large splash of leopard print thrown into the mix. However, the research that Baisden has collected offers a very balanced and informative approach to helping women understand that “this is normal” and you’re not losing your mind or abnormal.

Raising awareness of menopause is extremely important and a subject that deserves more publicity. With so many women (half the population) going through it and approaching it why hasn’t it been spoken about sooner?

The highest suicide and divorce rate are found in women during the menopause stage in their life. Awareness and understanding of the symptoms and the help available need to be addressed by the government.

I know theirs some high-profile ambassadors currently on the case. Davina Mccall and Mariella Frostrup are two such celebrities. The Menopause Matters link is attached below along with other helpful links.

For more information on this production please use the Edfringe link below.

Four Stars

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