Mind Games by Mason King.

Mason King returned to the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe with a brand new show named Mind Games his charamatic personality winning the audience around with impressive slight of hand and mind blowing tricks.

Whether you believe in magic or not isn’t necessarily important as King’s performance will certainly leave you questioning “how did he do that”.  How can he know what sequence of colours will be chosen at the end, the number on a dice chosen and hidden under the hand of an audience member!

Reading people’s body language to know the answers in the short time King has them on stage is impressively accurate. As of yet, I haven’t watched him get one answer wrong.

As one of the sceptical audience members, I don’t particularly believe in magic tricks. However, magicians such as King and another Fringe magician Kevin Quantum. I am in awe of them as superb entertainers who I thoroughly recommend going to see and will watch again in the future.

Mason King is also available throughout the year to book for weddings, parties and other functions. Please check out the links below for more information.

Four and a half Stars. (In honour of Craig Stephenson)






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