Porcupine by Stella Graham.

The prickly exterior of a Porcupine is the aptly named show by the charismatic half Sri Lankan comedian from Coventry, Stella Graham. Perhaps the world needs to stop annoying her and drivers especially need to stop being rude when let out. On second thoughts don’t stop or her act will become slightly mundane

Who doesn’t love a good resting b**** face and let’s face it when we say that, everyone knows exactly what one of those faces stands for and if they’ve got any sense will give the person wearing one a rather wide birth.

Graham’s take on life resonates with some of my own opinions. Especially the lack of courtesy when you’re driving and give way to another car. Although I am not sure I would follow the guilty driver to Aberdeen to ask for a “thank you”.

The title for Graham’s next production could be “Angry Beaver” after describing how her face acts like a beaver’s dam when the waves of anger sometimes need to be held back before the inevitable eruption.

Being performed as part of the free fringe comedy circuit Graham’s performance is worth a tenner of anyone’s money. One to watch out for in the future. For more information please check out the links below.




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