Finlay and Joe:Perpetual Hype Machine.

Finlay and Joe have been long-term friends and comedy partners. In an attempt to make their lives easier Finlay decided to create a perpetual hype machine in order to help the duo create comedy faster and easier. All he needs to do is convince Joe that it’s a good idea. What could possibly go wrong?

Littered amongst the comedy antics has been placed a brilliant amalgamation of popular 90’s children’s characters from Thomas the Tank engine and his friends going on strike to Paddington saving the station rehoming animals.

The comedy pair have exceptional charismatic and likeable personalities. They worked in time together throughout the performance and created some excellent double-act sketches, equally as talented and funny. Although Joe’s robotic skills were fantastic.

There’s a darker message hidden amongst the array of comedy. The Hype Machine is an AI creation made by Finlay and the longer they perform the more the machine begins to take control of the comedy duo, leaving them desperately scrambling to destroy it and reclaim their act.

It’s a cracking great show to start the day off at 11.10 am. It’s the sort of show and humour that would easily fill venues in a later slot. If they had a late show there’s plenty of scopes to add darker more suggestive adult humour into the plot. One to get up earlier for.

For more information on the show and ticket information please use the link below.

Three and a half Stars.


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