A Rose by any Other Name by Rose Loughlin.

Shakespeare’s authenticity has been the subject of an academic argument for many years. Writers who moved in Shakespeare’s literary circles are rumoured to have perhaps been the creators of some or all of the vast array of works credited to his name. Rose Loughlin presents the case for Edward De Vere 17th Earl of Oxford.

A Rose by any Other Name concentrates entirely on the life of Edward De Vere. Extensive research across Europe has been used to argue in his defence that he could have been the real author of the plays and sonnets. Tracing back to places and houses which can be identified for their provenance in the exact era when the text had been scribed. Shakespeare’s travel documentation records suggests he never visited the sites!

This particular fringe production is unlikely to appeal to the masses. However, for Shakespeare fans and those looking for something more high brow this production could be exactly what you are looking for.

I was suitably impressed with the details, research and evidence that had taken place creating this production.

However, it’s competently delivered and arguing I was impressed with the vast quantity of dialogue that … learned and delivered from sonnets, quotes and personal reflection on her research.

The only criticism of this particular Fringe production is the running time. The normal running production length is around 60 minutes. An hour and fifty minutes felt far too long and would benefit from being edited, especially as many people have very tight schedules.

Due to the production being part of ongoing research. I have abstained from issuing stars instead I would like to say that it is a highly recommended production.

For more information on this production please use the links below.


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