I Just want to be a Good Dad by Anthony Schuman.

Fitting in with “other parents” with small children isn’t as straightforward as those who’ve tried and failed will fully understand. Whichever activity you attend there are always stereotypical groups lurking within.

Imagine being a stay-at-home Dad surrounded by stay-at-home Mums and various repairs, nannies and childminders. All of which have labels they fall under. However, for the full-time Dad group, statistics would suggest there are not that many.

The openness from Schuman regarding his children well being, taking them to clubs and making sure they are happy resonates with me.

Bringing a comedy act based on the perspective of a stay-at-home Dad is a first for me. Although there is a proportion of the community that does this are

There are times when things get lost in translation. Using different words for example. References to television shows that are not as popular or common in the UK.

However, I fully commend anyone fulfilling their dreams and staging a show in Edinburgh, it’s a huge commitment and sacrifice, especially leaving the family behind.

For more information and tickets please use the links below. This show iI felt is a work in progress and I haven’t given it a star rating.



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