Ludomachy hosted by Dave.

Dave does RPG hosts Ludomachy, an hour-long free fringe performance where you spend the time with Dave creating a new game. This can be any genre, any platform and it’s all decided by the audience there and then on the day.

The game we created was called Fringe Crawl a game-based app set at the Edinburgh Fringe where you rate shows, restaurants, and places to rest. You can interact with other app users on your travels. Once created there will be quests and challenges along the way. Other additions will be available as it’s still in the planning stages.

Dave is an excellent host and knows how to lead a team. They will listen to everyone’s ideas and is extremely enthusiastic about the creations coming forward at the time.

This might not be everyone’s idea of entertainment. I can assure you that at 10.40 am it’s a really good way to get your brain active and start a busy day at the Fringe. Plus the Kafe serves good coffee.

I have decided not to give this production a star rating based on the fact that each day the product will be different. As an audience member, you will get out of it what you put in. Some days it might be five stars others three. Go along with an open mind and enjoy yourself.

For more information please use the link below.


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