You’re Dead, Mate by Edmund Morris.

The journey through death is far from easy especially through the eyes of the writer Edmund Morris in his new play You’re Dead Mate. How would anyone know when they are dead? Furthermore, how does someone as well versed in helping people as Death help you come to terms with accepting it?

The 70-minute performance has been brilliantly written and edited that you hardly believe that you haven’t been in the theatre a lot longer. It’s so tightly scripted and acutely delivered that you are in the moment at all times throughout the play.

The exceptional performances of both actors Harry Duff Walker and Edmund Morris bring a new outlook and exceptional humour to a subject which everyone has in common, dying.

When Death arrives to finalise the paperwork for Walkers character to move onto his next chapter. Death is confronted with hostility and accusations of kidnap with some strange fears that follow. Has he been taken to be used for sex? Or being held hostage in Coventry? These fears are far more fanciful than the cold harsh reality that at 23 it’s game over!

The strong language doesn’t feel that it has been added because the writer can. It reflects the frustration being felt by both parties. One who does not want to accept he is dead. The other for dealing with every dead person regardless of age, gender and status who comes to him before moving onto their next journey.

Director Millie Boardman has bought Morris’s play to life in a sensitive and heartfelt production. This extremely moving, funny and thought-provoking play exploring the transition through death is a difficult subject to stage as nobody actually knows what happens once we die!

An absolutely incredible example of what the Off West End theatre’s have to offer and I hope this play will be taken on tour further as it certainly deserves to be seen. The standing ovation at the end of the play speaks for itself.


Edmund Morris

Harry Duff Walker


Millie Boardman

Production Assistant-Georgia Bisbas

Lighting and Sound Design Technician-Louis Caro

Five Stars

Playing from 2nd-5th June 2019

KATZPACE Studio Theatre
At Katzenjammers bierkeller,
24 Southwark Street

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