Christy Coysh at Patter Hoose, Gilded Balloon.

If like myself you’ve never heard of the multi-talented comedian Christy Coysh I urge you to check out his show Bangarang if you’re visiting the Edinburgh Fringe this year, August 2022.

Comedian, musician and all-around entertainer spent an hour performing magic tricks, rap songs, comedy and a few jokes thrown into the mix.

Coysh created a positive and intriguing song about Wakefield (his home Town) that any local tourist board would have welcomed to have taken on as a selling point for the local area.

The three-minute signature rap Following your Dreams rap is extremely catchy and funny. The audience is encouraged to join in towards the end, well that’s if you can stop laughing.

One of the highlights of the show was learning how the T-Rex use to “strut its funky stuff” back in the day with the T-Rex dance. Coysh will even teach you how to do it.

Coysh has been the funniest comedian I have seen at the Fringe yet this year. With an abundance of chararisma, he is a likeable guy who commands the stage throughout the performance. Plus he will always finish his show with a standing ovation, intrigued? Then book up and find out for yourself.

Please use the links below to find out more about Coysh and book tickets for the few remaining dates.

Four Stars


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