Healing + by Mike Lemme.

American comedian Mike Lemme welcomes you into his bedroom in the flat he shares in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. Today’s the last day he will ever sleep in that room. Moving out tomorrow he wants to start in a new place with a fresh outlook and explains how little he is leaving behind bearing in mind he has been there for ten years.

Sights are set on playing to a packed auditorium in the famous Carnegie Hall. Lemme is trying to figure out how he makes the transition from his 1 am comedy club slot to an 8 pm prime time spot. Which hopefully would lead to him fulfilling his dream and becoming o popular recognised comedian.

Billed as a comedy show. Lemme has been told this isn’t a comedy show. Although it’s not a laugh-out-loud sarcastic, brash comedy show. Using his soon-to-be ex-housemates conversations for comedic purposes has the desired effect.

There is an awkwardness around listening to his roommate’s conversation with his girlfriend. Yet it certainly adds another level of comedic value and leaves you feeling slightly uncomfortable at times due to the intimate details you hear. However, if you have roommates you probably expect to be overheard I guess!

Lemme’s performance focuses on the journey of growth. The emotional baggage we carry around with us can be as cumbersome as the physical “stuff” we obtain over years. Just like decluttering our homes, we need to declutter our minds and deal with the emotional burdens that hold us back.

The concept of Healing + suits the Fringe platform where audiences often expect to be challenged in solo performances dealing with the subjects raised by Lemme and in small audiences you often become part of the act.

For more information on Healing + and to book tickets please use the link below.

Three Stars.



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