Shakespeare’s Fool by T G Hofman.

Tortive Theatre brings to the Edinburgh Fringe stage this year the superb production Shakespeare’s Fool starring the exceptionally talented Robin Leetham and his trusted companion a hand-held Marrote.

Cavaliero Kempe tries very hard not to be bitter towards his ex-friend and colleague William Shakespeare. However, this doesn’t necessarily come across that way as we find him destitute, down on his luck and living in squalor on the streets. Who could blame him for feeling that way too?

Kempe is desperately trying to gather an audience to perform in front of in the street he now calls home. However, the only audience member he ends up performing in front of is a little mouse that he had just attempted to assassinate for trying to steal his food.

Leetham’s performance is entertaining and funny. He brings out Kempe’s resilience and humour ever the entertainer who thrives on watching his audience smile and laugh. Creating a likeable charismatic actor/ man who doesn’t appear to have deserved the treatment he received.

The audience learns about Kempe”s first taste of the stage career at the age of 12. Events first took place when he was called to Kenilworth Castle with his father and brothers and found himself in the presence of Queen Elizabeth.

Based on actual events that took place between Kempe and Shakespeare the fast-paced comedy evokes bittersweet memories throughout the performance.

Director Ben Humphrey has succeeded in bringing an often untold story about Shakespeare’s era to life which I think deserves more promotion and should become part of the teaching when students study the Bard.

For further information please use the links below.

Five Stars.


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