There’s no Mystery in Murder by Northern Corner.

Hot off the press is a new Yorkshire musical comedy, There’s no Mystery in Murder. When a small Yorkshire village begins to be plagued by a serial killer after the murder of local Councillor Broadbent whose unpopular decision to bring a supermarket to the area had been passed was “obviously” the motive.

Murder is all too much for the local laid-back Police Sargent who immediately calls Leeds for help. However, local PC Banks is desperate to try and solve the first murder case in this village. Upon Detective Ilitch’s arrival, Banks shadows him to try and solve it much to the Detective’s annoyance.

The cast of four effortlessly move between characters bringing to life the sleepy village in Yorkshire. The array of villagers is hilarious. From the stalking slightly unhinged scissor weilding florist to Mr and Mrs Rising the couple obsessed with chess. At one point I had to do a double take as to how many members were performing in the cast as it appeared to be more than four.

Well, scripted fast-paced musical comedy isn’t an easy genre to stage and put together with the ease that Northern Corner have managed. The cast quick fire interaction holds the audience’s attention throughout. I didn’t want them to declare “who dunnit” as I was laughing too much.

This production has real potential to be one of the Fringe sellouts and certainly deserves to be in my opinion. Whether you’re a musical fan or not I can guarantee this production will entertain and make you laugh.

For more information about the musical comedy or to book tickets please use the link below.

Four Stars


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