Earwig by Laura Crow.

Set in the 1920’s insect enthusiast and budding scholar Marigold Webb (Laura Crow) became deaf at five years old when she was taken seriously ill by meningitis. The long-term condition during the 1920s wasn’t particularly understood or made allowances for, therefore she embarks on a long-term struggle to be “heard” and taken seriously in a male dominated field. .

Ben Hynes’s performance switches between her foul and manipulative husband Nicholas Webb and her much kinder long-term friend Thomas Dollman. One of whom completely understands her and the other just wants her inheritance.

Mrs Meadows (Samantha Vaughn) Marigolds Mother is torn between wanting to support her daughter’s path yet knows that women at that time are expected to have a husband in order to be provided for financially.

The audience also experiences the world through the “ears” of Marigold when the technician switches the volume to a low buzzing style noise and the conversations between the other two characters continue with them mouthing to one another.

Performances encompassing disabilities in an everyday situation allow a greater understanding about how the world and other people can appear to them. Hopefully educating some of the audience’s along the way.

I found the stage and costumes a striking theme of black and green. Black from the monochrome filmed era of motion pictures to the emerald green represents the natural world with which Marigold feels at one.

A very powerful piece of theatre which succeeds “elegantly” through Marigold’s actions in raising awareness about the silent world in which many deaf people live. Hopefully this production will go on tour to a wider audience in the future as it’s a beautiful piece of theatre.

For more information on the play, theatre company and tickets, please use the links below.

Five Stars.





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