See you later Mum.

Three generations of mother and daughter relationships span throughout the performance in See you later Mum. After making the decision to emigrate to Australia Jennifer starts her new life leaving her Mother, Dotty behind.

Making a life-changing decision such as emigration, always means that someone will inevitably get left behind and life will carry on in the same pattern but with a void from their absence. Through this play, it certainly didn’t mean that they were forgotten though and Mum and Daughter kept in touch as often as possible.

Smooth transitions between each of the family members who were in conversation allow the audience to follow which generations are talking. Death, birth and marriages spanning the decades leaving footprints on the hearts behind.

Using old-fashioned audio tapes Mum and Daughter use them to send their news across the world, hearing each other’s voices brings comfort to the voids left behind.

Watching the communication methods in action, took me back to the days before the internet and messenger platforms. Making a phone call was extremely expensive and taped conversations were common practice. Life has changed and keeping in touch is a lot easier. However, that doesn’t change the way we express our emotions and experience feelings of loss.

See you later Mum has been beautifully written with tenderness and consideration. Focusing on the life-changing events calmly and compassionately.

For further information, please use the links below.

Four Stars.


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