Jellicle by Linus Karp.

Linus Karp’s deconstruction of the relatively unpopular 2019 film Cats is a one-person cabaret show which combines everything bad and partly good about the star-studded film Cats based on the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical of the same name.

Karp has used his unique talents to dissect in depth what it truly means to live up to being a Jellicle being. What lengths do you need to succeed to be chosen and elevated in high esteem? Karp’s analysis of the cast’s cat characters is honest, considerate and certainly, doesn’t hold back on some characters. However, we would need to consult our powerful head cat first, the national treasure Old Deuteronomy (Dame Judy Dench) for the final decision.

It’s loud, slightly cheesy yet highly entertaining throughout the performance. The solo performance commands the entire stage and requires plenty of audience interaction. Whether you like Cats the film of felines in general there’s nothing to dislike about Karp’s feline alter ego.

How to live a Jellicle life can safely be added to the ongoing theatre life in the “Cats” performance repertoire. The solo quirky performance is one of those things you didn’t realise you needed in your life until you see it.

I especially liked the Jellicle name generator where each member of the audience was invited to take part and create their Jellicle name. Mine was quite mundane compared to some of the others that were called out during the show. An unusual yet hilarious way to get the audience interacting.

If you’re looking for some great entertainment Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and everyone else of course please check out this very “Jellicle” extravaganza performance.

For more information on the past and present tour of How to live a Jellicle life and ticket information for performances at Riddles Court, Edinburgh Fringe please use the links below.

Five Stars

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