Two’s Company by Gillian Duffy.

Meet 55-year-old Maureen Parker (Carolyn Calder). Tolerating her Mother (Una Ailsa Macnab), who is staying with her indefinitely. Hassled by her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jamie and his new girlfriend. While desperately trying to get her life back on track with the help of a bottle of “mothers ruin”.

The dynamics between Mother and Daughter have a believable charm surrounding them. The quips, banter and quite cutting comments at times are the only things you could get away with saying to someone you are close to. It reminded me in places of the humour between the BBC classic father and son relationship in Steptoe and Son.

We soon discover the real reason as to why Mum is staying, the crafty older entrepreneur has a sideline advertising and renting out her one-bedroomed (possibly council) flat in Ayrshire as a luxury apartment to unsuspecting foreign holidaymakers on Airbnb at inflated prices.

In need of a job and desperate to claim a new business grant Maureen decides to set up a lonely hearts bespoke dating service. She intends to vet each member personally and match them. As expected things don’t quite go to plan. Perspective member Ron (Matt Costello) takes an unhealthy interest in Maureen and soon shows “stalker” tendencies towards her. Rather than being scared or concerned, she brushes off his advances with brash humour.

Along comes Maureen’s ex-boyfriend Michael. Who isn’t welcomed with open arms and a nostalgic embrace! Will Mother’s matchmaking efforts succeed? Well, there is only one way to find out.

With lots of humour, relationship issues and awkward situations occurring, Two’s Company has the potential to develop. I would like to have known a bit more about where Michael had been over the past twenty years and exactly what had been said all those years ago when he left.

The laughter coming from the audience throughout the performance certainly hit the spot. Possibly some of us recognised elements of our own lives in these likeable characters.

You can catch Two’s Company until 28th August at the Gilded Balloon- Patter Hoose at 5.30 pm. Please use the link below for further information and booking tickets.

Three Stars.



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