Bits n Pieces by Nathan Scott-Dunn.

Last year saw emerging Theatre Company Saltire Sky hit the Fringe with the 5-star production of 1902. This year they return with two plays, bringing back 1902  and premiering their new play Bits n Pieces which runs for 14 performances.

As you approach the Theatre situated inside one of the arches in Leith the music is pumping and lights are flashing. I thought I had the time wrong and had arrived late, reassured by the lovely guy on the door that I was in plenty of time I went in. Initially, I felt that I had gate-crashed a private party.

Nathan Scott-Dunn’s new play explores the devastating effects recreational drugs can have on relationships. We watch as the three friends’ friendship falls apart and the damage drugs create within their family dynamics. The cast of three who are long-term friends Dougie (Sandy Bain), Tommy (Nathan Scott-Dunn) and Matty (Calum Manchip) all have their own very different outlooks on life yet remain loyal to each other throughout.

Matty is desperate to join the RAF and staying clean is imperative. However, a night out with Tommy and Dougie has devastating consequences and life will never be the same again for any of the families involved.

Being a fully immersive production there is a chance you might be asked to join in with the dancing or if the doorman isn’t watching offered a little extra! Although as soon as the dealer clocks the doorman he doesn’t hang around too long.

I admire the energy that this emerging theatre company possess. Throughout the performance it’s at full speed and even when the cast break through the fourth wall they remain fully immersed in their characters. The professionalism is faultless.

The writing and performances are raw, uncomfortable in places and brutally honest. If you are looking for a happy ever after this is not for you and other fringe venues are available. However, if you, like me want an experience and to be moved emotionally from a hard-hitting Theatre performance this one is a definite must-see at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe.

Four Stars



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