Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science Show.

Regular Edinburgh Fringe performer Mark Thompson brings to the stage his passion and knowledge in the world of science to entertain audiences for another year. His understanding and ability to entertain and demonstrate the fascinating way science works are outstanding. Aiming to show that science isn’t only for “geeks”. Thompson hopes that he can inspire and encourage next-generation of scientists.

Bringing an array of mini rocket explosions, balloon popping and fire experiments to the stage. Watching fire breathe and change shape I have always found mesmerising. The wows and interaction coming from the children in the auditorium suggest that they might do too.

During the performance, Thompson performs a frequency hearing test. The entire audience participates as he plays a range of pitches asking people to sit down if they can no longer hear that pitch. He caught quite a few children out at the end and I dare say upon leaving the show some parents might be asking some of their children why they weren’t being honest! If you want to find out exactly what happens pop along and hear for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

The mini rocket launchers using old film rolls, fizzy tablets and water had to be my favourite experiment from the entire show. As a semi-responsible adult, this is one I am planning to try at home and see if I can get my two teenagers involved too.

Performing to a full house the fully interactive show is non-stop science entertainment for 60-minutes. Looking around the auditorium there wasn’t a bored child in sight and all parents know that children are one of the toughest audiences to keep the attention of. A definite must-see family show.

For more information on Mark Thompson and booking tickets for this Spectacular Science Show please use the links below.

Four Stars

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science Show


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