Terra Nova by British Youth Music Theatre.

British Youth Music Theatre, the leading music theatre company for 12-21 years olds presents one of the eight productions showing across the country in the Theatre Royal Winchester from 13th-14th August. This production Terra Nova is based upon the story of legendary explorer Sir Walter Scott (Scott of the Antarctic) and told through a music and dance representation I have never seen before.

With the combination of some of the actual text from the original 1910 explorers’ diaries, music, dance, movement and powerful narrative we follow the crew/cast as they prepare and then set sail on their fateful exploration to reach the Antarctic shores.

Watching the cast’s synchronised movements as they prepared the ship for the long voyage was mesmerizing. The precision in these fast-moving scenes helped to develop the picture of how much preparation would have been required before they could undertake their trip. I was extremely impressed with the movement, energy and timings further into the performance when the ship sails through a violent storm. 

Director, writer and choreographer Rachel Birch-Lawson and choreographer Khyle Eccles create an incredible visual exhilaration. The sharp and significant attention to detail has created a fantastic theatre experience which compliments the cast’s musical talents, led by composer and musical director Adam Gerber. who at times burst through the auditorium.

Everyone involved with Terra Nova can take a bow and feel proud to have bought this fantastic hour-long production to life. Before tonight I hadn’t been familiar with the British Youth Music Theatre, the incredible professionalism and high standards seen in this production will encourage me to look out for them in the future. With an impressive alumni behind them, I am sure some of these cast members will be performing in the future.

For more information on these two companies and future productions taking place in Theatre Royal Winchester please use the links below.

Four Stars




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