Eating Myself by Pepa Duarte.

Latin American performer and writer Pepa Duarte delivers a heartwarming and emotional performance as she explores her lifelong love/hate relationship with food and the lengths to which she is prepared to go in order “not be fat” those are her words not mine.

Duarte’s performance recounts her earlier life growing up in Peru with her mother and two older siblings. With her Mother at work and her Father, well wherever he was. Her main role model was her Grandmother. It was extremely moving at times as she frankly explained her inner feelings of never thinking that she was actually “wanted” or “accepted” by her family.

Food and cooking focus heavily within this play. Duarte takes time during the play to cook what appears to be a rather odd selection of ingredients together throughout the performance in a terracotta pot on a single hob. The recipe was her Grandmother’s soup dish that she cooked on a regular basis.

It was the first time I have experienced an actor cooking in the Theatre auditorium and the smell of the soup was rather mouthwatering. If you’re lucky enough you might even get a taster at the end of the performance.

Director Sergio Maggiolo captures the essence of Duartes writing and cookery themes. I especially liked the use of the dining table on wheels as the main prop. Duarte incorporates it perfectly and highlights why it is often referred to as the prominent furniture item. Most homes have a dining table and it’s invariably where families gather to share their days news and a “hearty” meal.

For more information about this production and future plays at The Kings Head Theatre please use the links below.

Four Stars


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