About 500 by Simona Hughes.

About 500 written and directed by Simona Hughes balances humour, anger, hurt and depression in a sensitive, caring and informative manner. While exploring the scarcely openly discussed subject of infertility and the devastating impact it can have upon intimate relationships and friendships while taking a destructive toll on women’s mental health.

Thirty-six-year-old Clem (Stephanie Fuller) enters the stage launching her unused, discarded eggs across the stage and haphazardly into the audience. Each one represents up to now a sigh of relief that her life has not been “interrupted” by bringing another life into it. Adamant that she doesn’t want children will meeting Luke (Dickon Farmar) change her opinion about this or will it be too late?

Ruth (Joanna Nevin), Clem’s longstanding good friend’s ability to fall pregnant with ease makes the situation between them tense at times. I found Clem’s behaviour towards her friend irritating yet uncomfortable as she navigates her way through the emotional waves. It was clear to see just how deeply upsetting it was for her to see Ruth go through a pregnancy knowing that she was never likely to share that experience.

Fertility is a ticking time bomb that dominates a female’s life from the first day she starts her period. Spending at least ten years, in the beginning, trying desperately not to get pregnant just in case “it might ruin your life” followed by the agony for some as they realise that pregnancy will be forever out of reach for them.

Anyone effected by the subjects discussed in this review, I have attached two website links below who offer support and help.

For more information about this production and future plays at The Kings Head Theatre please use the links below.

Four stars





Support line


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