Beautiful The Carole King Musical.

As a theatre critic, I watch many performances over quite a short period, and it becomes harder to walk out of an auditorium feeling completely in “awe” of the production I have just reviewed. Beautiful The Carole King Musical has proved to be one of those musicals that has achieved this memorable position.

Molly-Grace Cutler’s performance as the world-famous singer/songwriter Carole King delivered a “beautiful” tribute to her memory. The power and conviction in her voice left goosebumps on my arms on a couple of occasions. Songs and ballads written by King and her former husband Gerry Goffin (Tom Milner) were sung during the 1960s by famous groups like The Drifters, Little Eva and The Monkeys.

Carole King’s life is played out before us through the outstanding musical. There’s a very thin line with writing when it comes to which details are pertinent and which ones are to be commented on in passing. This has been “beautifully” achieved with charm and charisma. There is absolutely nothing to dislike or criticise about the entire production. It is visibly clear that each cast member puts their heart and soul into delivering a remarkable musical euphoria.

Director Nikolai Foster brings to stage the story of a remarkable musician with empathy and warmth. He captures the essence of King’s naivety, changing attitudes to music and sex during the 1960s along with the exceptional music. However, with such a large production team behind him, I feel credit has to be extended to each of them for creating a truly remarkable musical.

I have been left questioning if Carole King truly realised just how “beautiful” she was. I had not realised how much she had written and I feel it is important that her musical legacy is remembered and kept alive. As she played a major part in shaping the music industry during those eras for future generations.

For further information please use the link below.

Five Stars.


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