The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

Credit: Johan Persson

From The Louvre to Westminster Abbey with a host of stops in between. The Da Vinci Code covers much ground in the quest to break the codes and uncover the mystery surrounding the “holy grail” and the cruel sacrifice style killing of the Louvre curator Sauniere (Andrew Lewis) which takes place in the Louvre basement.

Robert Langdon (Chris Harper) and Sophie Neveu (Hannah Rose Caton) appear to meet by chance after her Grandfather’s body (Sauniere) is discovered. Framed for murder, Langdon is confused by the claim and only Neveu knows he is one hundred per cent innocent, she just needs to prove it, while keeping Langdon safe at the same time. Can Sir Leigh Teabing played by veteran actor (Danny John-Jules) help crack the codes?

Credit: Johan Persson

The rapport between Caton and Harper on stage is flawless. Caton takes on the role of the strong female protagonist and appears to effortlessly take charge in the ever-changing confusion of the unfolding situation. Her strong presence is confident and reassuring as this complicated murder mystery unravels before us.

Credit: Johan Persson

Josh Lacey delivers a chilling and at times heart-stopping performance as Silas, the devoted and loyal Opus Dei follower. With numerous scars of self-harm prevailing over his body along with the chained leg torture device which he tightened several times on stage, blood dripping down his leg. The attention to detail has bought this tormented character very much to live on the stage.

Credit: Johan Persson

The interchangeable scenery and incredible film projections allowed the cast to be transported quickly around the streets and iconic buildings and paintings of Europe. With the odd flight thrown in too, the fast-moving clouds certainly aided my suspension of disbelief as they flew across the Channel.

I highly recommend this staged adaptation of The Da Vinci Code by Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel, alongside the superb talents of director Luke Sheppard. This staged version maintains the storyline of the original book where the codes come thick and fast and the dialogue is clear and concise allowing you to follow the storyline with ease.

Please use the link below for tickets and further information about this production.

Five Stars


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