Skank created by Clementine Bogg-Hargroves.

Clementine Bogg-Hargroves picture credit Shay Rowan.

Clementine Bogg,-Hargroves created and performs Skank at Edinburgh Fringe 2021 in the Pleasance Courtyard. Meet Emma, a self-confessed recycling guru who is desperately searching for the right bin in which to deposit the baked beans tin into that she has been carrying around with her!

Emma is stuck in a mundane job, dealing with equally mundane co-workers, a mixture of unhealthy one night stands and balancing the up and downs of her mental health, tinnitus and anxiety.

When Emma is called back to the Doctors after her recent smear test. The events that take place afterwards were realistic and honest from the fear of finding out what is wrong with you, to the initial panic that you might have cancer, to the uncomfortable and wincing scene in which she attends a colposcopy appointment. Oh and Ladies, please attend regular smear tests, they are extremely important and can save your life.

With panic podcasts at the ready co-director, Zoey Barnes plays her part in bringing this heartfelt production to stage alongside co-producer Mark Ashmore. Emma’s story is far more common than many possibly realise and one that raises awareness about how important it is to ask for help and look after your mental health.

One thing that is clear throughout the entire performance is that Emma isn’t a sleazy or unpleasant person aka a “Skank.” She’s an educated, caring and very considerate lady who just deserves a break in life.

Skank is currently in the development stage to make its debut on to the screen. I for one would be interested to see how this would make the transition and would want to watch it and would recommend it to others.

With Edinburgh Fringe 2021 coming to a close there are limited performances left to watch Skank. Hopefully, it will continue to be performed in other venues.

Four Stars


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