Doctor Whom by Jake Rose and Jasper Cresdee-Hyde.

What do you get if you cross Doctor Who with the Carry On films? The answer could easily have been Doctor Whom. After sadly having to cancel a couple of nights at the Edinburgh Fringe 2021 the team are back for the last couple of remaining days at the Jenner Theatre, Triplex The Space UK.

Meet Dorlek (Jonathan Powell) who resembles one of the Martians from the “The Smash makes mash” adverts fame. Complete with whisk and sink plunger. Jeff the AI granted free will (Vicky Chiu) who accompany Doctor Whom (Nathan Galpin) on his quest armed with his “sonic spanner” and the phallic “ending machine”. Plus loyal Robot Dog by his side.

Will The Mister (Matt Davies) scupper Doctor Whom’s plans or become the permanent sex slave to Stacey the dominatrix (Iona Rogan). All will be revealed when you catch the latest episode of Doctor Whom.

The costumes and special effects are very good for a student budget production. With some promising performances from all of the cast members. They have an excellent rapport on stage, timing and executing the humour very well. Comedy can easily fall flat if it’s done badly, but the cast certainly timed it right in this production.

I especially liked the silver all in one costume worn by Chiu in the role of Jeff the robot. The outfit defined her character with a striking look that made the AI stand out from the rest on stage.

Doctor Whom is an energy-fueled farce written and directed by Jake Rose and Jasper Cresdee-Hyde. Their fast-paced, humourous production is littered with masses of innuendo one-liners. Showing the flare this duo have for comedy writing. We certainly need more laughs in this world, even time travellers.

For more information about this production check out the links below.

Four Stars.


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