Intricate Rituals by Seth Douglas.

Intricate Rituals watches Siken, an immature love forlorn University Student stuck in a quandary as to whether he should tell his straight best friend Owen that he is secretly in love with him.

What does happens when you fall in love with your straight best friend? Surely honesty would be the best policy or is it? Writer/Director Seth Douglas poses the question in Intricate Rituals and the audience can decide for themselves whether Siken makes the right decision or not.

Combining love, relationships and a self-indulgent young adult we witness the lengths to which Siken is prepared to go to achieve his obsession. After tragedy strikes, Siken turns to a set of rules called intricate rituals of a (black magic) spell to achieve this and finally speak to Owen and tell him exactly how he feels. What are the odds of this working?

The idea of bringing a loved one back from the dead is an interesting plotline for a play and has real potential with a strong lead actor could be bought very much to “life.” However, the lead performance in tonight’s show fell flat in many areas and even when trying to suspend my disbelief it didn’t work for me.

This production of Intricate Rituals bought to the Edinburgh Fringe has two casts, the other being a female-led performance which sadly I wasn’t able to fit into my schedule to watch to compare fairly. Although from the couple of reviews I have read through it appears to have been received favourably.

Three Stars.


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