GAYATRI The Royal Queen Consort of the Majapahit Kingdog.

GAYATRI The Royal Queen Consort of the Majapahit Kingdom, is an intriguing performance piece set to traditional Indonesian instruments composed by Franki Raden. Adapted from the Nagarakertagama Javanese literary manuscript narrating the story of Majapahit Kingdom during its peak glory days under the reign of King Hayam Wuruk written and directed by Mhyajo (Mia Johannes).

This performance follows GAYATRI The Royal Princess, evolving and growing while attempting to preserve the memory and legacy of the King, her late Father. Steeped in historical references a further understanding of the original storyline would be somewhat helpful and recommended if you have the time. Although as a stand-alone piece its graceful dance movements and easy to follow subtitles explaining the storyline is fascinating and brilliantly scripted.

The beautiful costume worn by Princess GAYATRI in contrast to the monochrome setting allows audiences to follow the main character without any confusion. Her rich gold dress is stunning and highlights her wealth and social standing above the rest of the cast.

Although advertised as an Opera it isn’t set in the traditional Western style of an Opera many viewers would expect to see. Yet set in the style of a historical Opera from the origins in which the storylinehas been adapted from.

The large cast in this production is unusual for a Fringe Theatre performance. However, if they were to travel and perform with the complete company I can envisage a powerful and impressive live staged production which would have audiences drawn into the storyline following the Princesses tale and in awe of the stunning period costumes created by Kleting Titis Wigati.

Although the Edinburgh Fringe has now finished. The links below will allow you to read the synopsis published on GAYATRI.

Four Stars.

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