Madhouse by M Craig

Madhouse is a new piece of writing from M Craig. The coming of age play highlights what life can be like as a University student complete with the stack of unwashed dishes, sour milk, unhealthy habits and possible unwanted pregnancy.

We meet the five housemate students Billy, Annie, Sonya, Ollie and Goose plus his regularly visiting girlfriend Lisa the social media influencer nightmare. The group share their student house and meet around the extremely messy and chaotic kitchen table daily. Life, sexuality, love, debt and their plans are all discussed amongst the clutter and debris.

Each of the characters develops throughout the play and as their personalities reveal themselves it’s hard not to like them all one by one. Growing up isn’t easy and living with strangers who are going through similar trials and tribulations throws up many challenges along the way.

This is a play that will echo to many students past and present with their memories of sharing a student house. With characters, they will recognise either in themselves or other people they know or have known along their University path.

Madhouse is funny and entertaining a perfect student production for the Fringe. Where they have combined a cross-section of students from the sciences to English degrees. It’s fair to say that these characters have probably been based on personal experiences from the “world” of student houses.

If you are looking for a fun and light-hearted performance then Madhouse fits the bill perfectly. Showing at The Space@ Surgeons Hall please check out the links below for ticket information.

Four Stars.

Picture credit to Madhouse at Nottingham New Theatre.

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