It All performed by Cameron Cook.

What does it mean to have “It All?” I am not sure the answer to that question can ever be answered as it means something different to everyone. Cameron Cook raises this point several times throughout his debut solo show It All.

Many references to the earth and elements are described in detail throughout the show. I felt these were used as markers to ground Cook’s emotions back to earth at several points during his performance. Referring to the “earth shifts” as his character changes direction and takes on yet another journey.

Musician Claire Parry accompanies Cook on stage with a range of musical instruments that add the perfect accompaniment to the production. Listening to live music again after the many months of lockdown was simply “music to my ears.” Their close working relationship was apparent by how perfect their timings were throughout the hour-long performance.

Although I wasn’t particularly sure in places as to where the storyline was heading Cooks ability to change the tempo in an instance kept the audience with him at all times and using art to reflect life as nobody can always know where they are heading next and who we will meet along the way.

What I witnessed is an extremely talented actor who delivers a surreal, unpredictable and entertaining one-man performance. It All is on at Assembly Roxy until Sunday 29th August. For more information use the links below.

Four Stars


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