Love Fool by Rachel Thorn.

Failed IVF, failed marriage and failed relationships. Doesn’t sound like a positive background story for a play or life! However, Love Fool is far from a depressing woe is me tale. Instead, Rachel becomes empowered through the heartache and decides to take charge of her life and face it alone, well with a little help from her Mum.

Dating in the world today is a daunting task as Rachel learns very fast after splitting with her husband of twenty years. Turning to “Bumble” instead of “Grindr” (other dating apps are available) Rachel very fast becomes overwhelmed by the attention and after receiving her first “dic pic” quickly deletes the app and decides it’s not for her.

Love Fool delves into the depths of the 90’s media looking for love advice to help her in the quest to find love. Will this be found within the numerous pages of her old copies of Sugar magazine that Rachel finds in her Mum’s attic?

Trolls, a Nat West pig, a few dolls and copious amounts of Sugar magazine articles feature along the way. I liked the use of the dolls Rachel chose to represent different people in her life. It was very clear who she was in conversation with at each point during the play. It reminded me of being a child again and “playing dolls” to make sense of different situations I was going through at the time.

I think many other people will recognise something in themselves watching Love Fool. After all it’s okay to be confused in the world at times and feel lost. As Rachel proves we need to get lost in order to find ourselves again.

Playing at the Counting House until the 28th August 2021 at 8pm. Love Fool is a nostalgic look in the future as Rachel discovers “what she wants, what she really really wants”.

Three Stars.


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