Dino Land presented by Faux Fox Theatre.

If you ever wondered who was inside the character suits at a theme park or what the staff get up to behind the scenes Dino land by Bethany Fox might just be able to answer some of your questions.

Dino Land is an extremely funny and romantic story set behind the scenes of the children’s theme park between co-workers Dylan (Oliver Burkill) the park manager and one of the parks children’s entertainers Emma (Bethany Fox).

There are a few co-workers that also feature who are all introduced as the voices through Dylan’s walkie talkie. Where we witness quite a few personal overheard conversations take place which quite frankly shouldn’t have been which add a lot of comedic value to the performance.

Disillusioned Dylan started at Dino Land as a stop-gap job eight years ago and would like to get back to University. However, he is stuck in an unfulfilled role that has job security for him. Art reflecting life as many people find themselves in these positions without realising it until it’s too late.

The onstage relationship between Fox and Burkill is wonderful their timings, body language and affection for one another appears to be genuine. It’s always a real pleasure to watch comedy performances that come across are real and unscripted although I know they were.

Although this is a child themed play it is definitely not recommended for children with strong language from the start and mild references to adult themes. Although this is one show adults can happily claim for themselves this Fringe. You can catch them at the Symposium Hall at 3.35pm until Saturday.

Four Stars





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