Afterparty by Rachel O’Regan.

Female-led theatre company F-Bomb present Afterparty at Edinburgh Fringe 2021. The strong cast of five Scottish based actors has set out to put female based stories onto the centre stage.

How does it feel to be overlooked in society? To the point in which you have resigned yourself to the fact that no matter what you do, life has already been written out for you to fail. A-Levels are over and school is finished, so it’s time for a big night out to celebrate before the five school friends begin their next chapter in life.

However, after the big night out takes a catastrophic turn for the worse. The five school friends find themselves reunited a couple of months later undertaking community service in the local park. Picking up piles of rubbish and “dog shit” was not on any of their future career paths.

Characters include Corrie (Kirsten Hutchison) who is always spoiling for a fight and aggression masks deeper issues due to her unsettled home life to Ella (Annie Welsh) whose future is likely to be bankrolled by her wealthy father and no matter what she does life will be cushioned.

Director Hannah McEachern has bought to stage a loud, brash and in “your face” performance. The encouraging talent from this strong and dynamic cast of five. Combining extremely strong language and themes of drugs and alcohol are key features throughout this play.

Four Stars

F-Bomb Theatre is part of the New Celts Productions.

Performing in The Space Triplex (venue 38)


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