Moonlight on Leith.

The storyline behind this production is extremely intriguing. Their delivery as they introduce us to each character living under the same moon in the Leith community offers a diverse cross section. From the two Police officers, Sex worker at the dockside, local drunk to the Potts family who are stuck in a rut and long-suffering Mrs Potts who longs for her life to change and we mustn’t forget Hank the cat either.

Taking on a wide range of characters is quite a challenge for any Theatre company. Yet newly established REDCAP has succeeded in bringing each one of the residents to life and ensure that each of their individual personalities is bought to the forefront.

The lyrical performance is engaging and entertaining. With a strong message to developers that there are real people who are affected by corporate decisions. Redevelopment affects the heart and soul of communities as well as just the landscape. Every person within these areas need to be considered before the bulldozers appear.

Moonlight on Leith has used the Edinburgh Fringe platform to raise awareness about the gentrification taking place at Leith at the current time. I wasn’t aware of the changes that are taking place and the huge building work that is currently in progress. It has given me an opportunity to learn more about the City beyond the Fringe.

Four Stars

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