Tropicana by Aidan Sadler.

Advertised as A Queer Comedy Cabaret Aidan Sadler’s debut Edinburgh Fringe show combines comedy alongside a small amount of audience interaction all set to the backdrop of iconic 80’s music featuring well-known songs from Spandau Ballet, A-Ha and ABC.

Sadler describes himself as a “revolutionary” homegrown artist who has a unique viewpoint on the gender binary. No subject is safe from ridicule from the world of straight folk to ASOS gays. Although it can be somewhat surreal in places how the cabaret is delivered kept the audience entertained for the entire performance.

Rather than watching Tropicana as a finished show, I saw it from the perspective that Sadler is using the Edinburgh Fringe platform to showcase his diverse range of talents and potential. He has an amazing voice, expressive body language, with an abundance of charisma who engages with the audience using charm and wit.

I found myself singing along and laughing at Sadler’s jokes with ease. If you are looking for a thoroughly good end to a long day at the fringe then Tropicana is worth booking up to see and ending the day on a high. Although I would recommend booking early as the show has been selling out fast.

With the right guidance and a good producer, Sadler has a lot of potential in the world of entertainment. Aidan Sadler is a name to watch out for in the future.

Four Stars

The show is playing at The Jenner Theatre @The Space Triplex from 11.15 pm until 21st August.


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