Radio 69 by The Counterminers.

Tucked away in the small Scottish village of Frogsborough, Radio 69 is powering the airwaves with local topical news and well known songs. Well that is what they are attempting to do anyway. Radio owner Hugh has very little interest in the radio station and spends much of his time concerned about the IPA brewing business venture he has started.

From the quirky weather lady Pippa who uses the skin on her elbow to predict the day’s weather, Dougie the OCD station cleaner whose love in mopping is parallel to his love for the radio, to the outrageous Filthy Phil who seems to always land on his feet despite being politically incorrect at every turn.

Radio 69 is a fast-paced comedic farce that is entertaining and hosts many quick one-liners which were delivered competently. Although being a rehearsal the inevitable nerves kicked in for some of the cast members.

My review is based upon being invited to watch their dress rehearsal. Which meant I didn’t see the full version with lighting and sound effects. This is reflected in my star rating below. If the rehearsal is anything to go by then the full production offers audiences plenty of comedy and an entertaining show all around.

Three Stars in the format I saw it with the potential to be four stars once the cast is on the stage.

The Counterminers present Radio 69 at the Space Symposium Hall from16th-21st 2021


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