Looks Like We Made It.

Looks like we made it is an original musical theatre production set to the music by Barry Manilow.  We watch couple Mandy (Jackie Kennedy) and Tony’s (Gary Hay) personal stories unfold during marriage counselling.  The sessions are set over several years as far back as 1992 and ending up in 2020. Each time they attend sessions over the years different problems or situations have arisen where one or the other of them are struggling to communicate. Using their counsellor Katie (Katie Hay) to help them resolve their issues and move on together.

The stage plays host to the accompanying band which comprise of three musicians and two main singers. Who all deliver strong performances throughout the musical. Many well-known Manilow songs had the auditorium tapping along with them including Mandy and Can’t Smile Without You.

The storyline isn’t a predictable happily ever after, which in real-life situations this rarely happens. The cast delivers an extremely compassionate and moving performance encompassing believable situations which often arise within relationships. I felt very emotional a couple of times during the performance as they touched on issues I have personally experienced.

The statement Looks like we made it is an achievement in life that many of us should work towards. A journey of personal growth and finding out who you are to make the world a better place is an important life skill to have obtained.

Running until 14th August 2021 at the Space next to Surgeons Hall.

Four Stars



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