Kevin Quantum: The Trick That Fooled.

The extremely impressive Kevin Quantum began his career performing magic in 2005. Trained by two of the biggest names in the magic world “Penn and Teller.” Now Quantum is one of the top magicians in the country. After watching his show, I can see why.

The Trick That Fooled is based around magic tricks performed over the years by various top magicians. Each in turn have tricked some of the greatest minds in history. From Churchill, Einstein to Marie Curie. Quantum has gone back to these magicians’ tricks and learned how to recreate them and continue to trick and wow audiences today.

Quantum’s show combines outstanding magic tricks and a historical timeline into how and where some his idols in the magic world had begun their careers. Reading books and diaries dating back over one hundred years he wanted to find out how these great magicians had learned their art to gain a greater understanding into their minds.

The show started with a drink. He asks the audience to put their hands out in front of them and imagine a drink. Randomly a member of the audience was chosen and asked what the drink they are thinking of. In our show, the gentleman was thinking of Guinness. Behind the handkerchief appeared a small bottle of Guinness. Is it staged or is it magic? I honestly do not know but either way I was impressed from the start.  

With the world of magic continuing to be shrouded in mystery to many of us outside the world of the dark arts. To watch and observe someone as charismatic and skilled in his performance is both impressive and entertaining. I found Quantum’s magic tricks incredible and at some point, will go and watch him again.

You might be asking what magic has to do with performing in The Army at The Fringe venue. If you go and watch Quantum’s show all will be revealed as he shares a WWII magic trick which fooled an army and helped us on the road to victory.

Four Stars


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