Corpsing by Callum Ferguson and Lewis Lauder.

Have you ever wondered how an undertaker can stay in business when they operate in small villages, with limited populations? Corpsing might be able to answer some of these questions. Charlie (Lewis Gemmell) had been working for Elliott Hubble’s (Dillon MacDonald) grandfather for quite a few years. Their undertaking methods are slightlty questionable. However, the bodies keep arriving!

Elliott inherits the Undertakers from his estranged Grandfather. He uncovers that he has inherited a lot more than he bargained for. First thing he discovers in the mounting pile of post is an unopen letter from the Auditors office, explaining about an upcoming visit from one of their officers. When Fiona (Anya Borrows) arrives things on the surface appear very friendly and jovial, after all, she is only doing her job it’s nothing personal!

Descending many times into dark gallows humour the superbly executed one-liners, inappropriate laughter and farcical plotlines are blended together perfectly. It is by far one of the funniest theatre performances I have seen at the 2021 Fringe so far. With an 11.30am time slot on the odd dates throughout August it is definitely a good way to start a day off at the Fringe.

Director Donna Soto-Morettini has superbly directed both dead and alive bodies in the creation of this fantastic play Corpsing. Which at times cannot have been an easy task to have “undertaken.”

Corpsing is part of the New Celts collection of plays bought to the Edinburgh Fringe 2021 by Red Rabbit Production 2020.

Performing at the Space Triplex in the Jenner Theatre.

Four Stars.


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