Fear of Roses was written and directed by Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller.

We have all heard about how bad bosses behave and manipulate people to obtain their jobs. In Fear of roses, we see bank manager Tammy living up to this title and attempting to excel in every way she can. Right down to her shoes being cleaned off as she stood in mud, not “shit” she explains to her long-suffering assistant.

Nicolette, her assistant is taken advantage of on numerous occasions. We learn that she is juggling the equivalent of two full-time jobs to get by. She is loyal or so it seems and rushes around in an attempt to keep the boss satisfied.

As a stranger (Keely) appears into the office with evidence that could destroy Tabby’s career and freedom the plot twists and things become dangerous as the plan to rob her bank begins to take shape.

The plot is fast-paced and not particularly well suited for the venue due to the size and I found I wasn’t able to hear certain scenes. Sadly at times, it becomes slightly disjointed and the plotline isn’t particularly realistic.

Three Stars



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