Mediocre White Male written by Will Close and Joe von Malachowski.

Mediocre White Male begins on the plinth in a stately home where the character works as Lord Voltram. He introduces himself by explaining that he has to attend a “gender awareness training course” after he has made, in his opinion a couple of awkward comments to the young female colleagues at work. Gender terms are confusing to him and by his age, 30 he surely knows better than anything a course can teach him.

As the audience becomes drawn into his world through his light-hearted humour and supposedly innocent conversation. We soon become very aware that there,s a highly toxic undercurrent bubbling away underneath.

Close delivers an insight into the toxic and disturbing mindset of a Narcissistic predator. His inability to understand the damage and impact he has caused to his ex-girlfriend is too common. He met his ex through his friend as she was his younger sister by six years. It soon becomes apparent that he has groomed her from a young age.

One very disturbing thing is the accuracy of Close’s character into how a “self-entitled” narcissist continues to behave after a relationship has ended. From personal experience, his attitude and ideas have been captured with brutal honesty and the belief that his behaviour is innocent is disturbingly honest. I can’t begin to think that those in society with this mindset truly believe this to be the case as they cover up their actions in front of other people. Desperate to never be caught out.

Mediocre White Male comes with a trigger warning and it certainly lives up to this. Covering paedophile behaviour, abuse and sexism to name but a few. Although the subjects are powerful and hard-hitting Closes performance is brilliant and terrifyingly realistic. As he Delivers a powerful insight into a mindset that is destructive, cruel and harrowing to their victims.

Four Stars.

Underneath are some links for help and information for anyone affected by the themes in this production. Please do not suffer in silence.

What is domestic abuse?


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