Improverts. Bedlam Theatre.

The long standing regular show from the Improverts returns to the Edinburgh Fringe 2021 with three new troops of improvisation comedy actors ready to entertain this years audiences.

Group B were on this evening entertaining the audience. They were funny, quick-witted and completely unphased by anything that was called out to them in the audience participation sections. Especially the scene with the monster truck.

Any improvised show that you see will be different each time. The cast is always varied and the chemistry on stage will always transform into a completely new show. Therefore writing a review telling people what you have seen is pointless as no two shows will ever be the same.

However, going by the quality of the cast I saw this evening this years fringe audiences are in for a real comedy treat. The tech team working alongside them matched the fast-paced changes with exact precision and the whole performance ran smoothly.

I often take some of my observations from the audience members at shows like these to take into consideration their reactions as to whether a show was good or not. The three audience members who say in front of me said “it was brilliant” and “the funniest thing they had seen at the fringe so far” their exact words not mine. Although in all fairness I do have to agree with them.

On that note, I can strongly recommend the Improverts as one of the shows to catch at the Fringe this year.

Performing at the Space Symposium Hall every night at the Edinburgh Fringe 21.05.

Four Stars.


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