ellipsis by Isabelle Farah

Isabelle Farah is incredibly charismatic and thoroughly entertaining. Any performer who holds the stage and audience without any props beyond a microphone has captured the art of being a great performer.

Combining her experiences in learning how to be a stand-up comic and dealing with the trauma of grief. Farah entwines the two into part of her therapy while she is learning to cope with life by breaking it up into funny one-liners, well on the surface perhaps she is. Only her therapist has seen behind the “mask”.

When it comes to grieving there isn’t a timescale or a correct way for us to make sense of losing someone close to you. Everyone their own way of learning to cope with the shock and loss of the death of a loved one. As Farah has discovered for herself on the long personal journey in which she has tried to work through her personal grief in losing a family member.

Farah’s performance is honest, funny and a wonderful tribute to her relations life. Fond memories and the void left behind after her death have been combined by a diagnosed “perfectionist” brilliantly to bring ellipsis to the stage. Sharing with audiences her personal struggles in coming to terms with a life changing event.

I would thoroughly recommend making time in your schedule to catch this performance while Farah is in Edinburgh performing at the Assembly Roxy. Links on how and where to book tickets are below.

Four Stars






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